Capoeira in the park

It’s time to get back in the photoblogging groove, so here it goes.

A few years back, my wife and I (it was so long ago, she may not have even been my wife then) went to Meridian Hill Park to take in the traditional Sunday drum circle. While that was going on, two men were doing capoeira, the Brazilian martial art/dance/acrobatics/game. I started shooting in black and white and liked how the photos came out — especially those that capture their faces while the rest of their bodies are in blurring-fast motion.


123980132003 123980112003 123980142003 123980072003 123980092003 123980122003 123980102003 123980152003 123980177003 123980222003 123980192003 123980157003 123980217003 123980172003 123980237003 123980242003 123980207003 123980247003 123980267003 123980257003


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